Hotdesk at Civic Trust House

Did you know Civic Trust House offers shared office space to arts workers at a very competitive rate? Desk space is available during business hours for as little as half a day per week at just €2 per hour.
Hotdeskers have access to wireless internet from their desk as well as access to many of the facilities in the house, including mailing address & postal service, photocopying/printing, tea/coffee, and use of the boardroom.
They also become part of the house community which shares a diverse range of knowledge and experience – perfect for kickstarting new projects or developing and expanding existing projects.

If you are interested in hotdesking at Civic Trust House please contact us!


C.E. scheme C.V. Call-out

Many arts organisations are dependent on the work of staff provided through the Community Employment Scheme to carry out their work. Every year there are dozens of jobs coming up around Cork City, but, possibly due to recent policy restrictions and the sad loss of great talent to emigration, it is becoming harder and harder to fill those vacancies. These jobs can be very rewarding, giving you the chance to upskill and get vital experience and take on real responsibility at the organisation of your choice.

Civic Trust House is collating a database of potential staff who are eligible for the C.E. Scheme (for more info on eligibility visit FÁS here). We’ll make this available to arts organisations across the city. If you are eligible for the CE Scheme and would like to work in the arts please send your CV to and we’ll help you find a placement.

CULTURE NIGHT 2015: Who’s in the house?


9-10.30pm Friday September 18th 2015

Who’s in the house?

This year we get personal for Culture Night, with an informal performance featuring some of the varied talents working right here in the house.

With nine arts organisations resident we have a wealth of creativity around the house that is sometimes overlooked.

Tonight we share with each other and visitors some of the hidden talents of staff in the house who spend their working days producing and promoting other peoples’ work, but rarely step into the limelight themselves.